I am an artist, mapmaker, muralist, designer, songwriter and musician.

In early 2022 I began producing merchandise to raise money for specific causes that I felt both vehement about and helpless toward. This shop exists primarily to shift that merch, raise money and make an actual difference. This business, such as it is, is a one-man cottage industry operated out of a tiny studio space in the back of my house.

Born in California in 1973, I have lived in New York, London, Berlin, San Francisco and rural Michigan, performed in venues of every size and description, exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across Europe, run club nights, hosted radio shows, produced large scale public artworks, and published books, pamphlets and recordings in all manner of media. I run a tiny record label called Figs of London, and have released records both solo (as MOLE) and with my old bands Marseille Figs and The Jupiter Band. A lot of my work is documented at www.jmaizlish.com.

I have two passports, three or four names, 10–14 units of alcohol per week, an awful lot of records, a pride flag, a closet full of merch, a fiancée, two stepsons, a fox terrier named Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and a rescue axolotl named Princess Bubblegum. I've been involved in progressive politics since my teens, but I never imagined it would come to this.

J Maizlish Mole (He/Him)
September, 2022